Why Eguana commerce

EGUANA COMMERCE develops e-commerce solutions for global companies, including large corporations, and is an official partner of Magento headquarters(www.magento.com).

We have received certification training from Magento as well as licesnsing.

With a wide spectrum of development possibilities, including Php, Python, Javascript, jQuery, and Java, we are ready to deliver efficient results for any task.

Web Design 92%

PHP/Magento 98%


Python/Odoo 86%

Trained & Certified

EGUANA COMMERCE is the first company in Korea to complete the curriculum and the certification in Magento.


EGUANA COMMERCE boasts more efficient development thorugh its extensive and deep knowledge and experience in various languages such as Magento & Odoo.


EGUANA Commerce has the ability to effectively manufacture and develop its overseas solution, Magento & Odoo, in Korea.


EGUANA COMMERCE is a company that uses Magento & Odoo to develop e-commerce solutions for major conglomerates/global companies that want to expand their reach overseas.